Cleaning TrailerOur Standard Cleaning System

With today's market, you have to be efficient,  and at Exceptional Carpet Care we know this better than anybody.  We use a high quality carpet cleaning system that is mounted directly to our enclosed trailer.  The cleaning system consists of a very heavy duty cleaning system, with extra long hoses (cutting down on interior vacuum noise).  This system allows us to be extremely efficient and affordable.  Our trailer setup also allows us to haul more cleaning supplies than your average "van" cleaners, cutting down on those "extra trip charges."

Floor CleanerEncapsulation Technology

We use the latest Encapsulation Technology (perfect for high rises, offices, churches, schools, and more) which is the best known method for commercial carpet cleaning. Our prices are a fraction of the cost, one of the reasons our customers keep us coming back. Exceptional Carpet Care, Inc. makes sure your investment lasts a long time, starting with excellent cleaning. While we're there, you will notice the difference in encapsulation technology, it's quiet, deep cleaning power, with low water use (quicker drying) cuts through even the toughest oily grime, giving you a healthy and clean environment. With no bulky hoses or machines we can work in the highest of buildings and vast interior spaces with ease. Because there are no hoses, we can keep your doors closed, keeping the pests out, and your belongings in.

Dupont LogoDuPont Carpet Protector

Keep your home cleaner, longer. DuPont carpet protector helps protector your carpet and fine furnishings from dirt, spots and spills.
DuPont Carpet Protector:
  • helps carpet fibers resist soiling
  • makes blotting up liquid spills easier
  • helps stains release more easily when upholstery and carpet is cleaned
  • helps carpet and upholstery stay cleaner. longer